Morningside Elementary Dual Language School
A Dual Language Magnet: Empowering Children Through Language

Morningside K-8 Academy is located in the Little Haiti community of Miami, Florida. The Dual Language Magnet Program at Morningside Elementary is a whole school magnet, starting in Kindergarten and first grade. Parents have a choice of three languages; French, Haitian-Creole, or Spanish. Students receive 75 minutes of language instruction everyday. This instruction includes: oral proficiency, immersion of literature, and cultural traditions.

INTELLECTUAL: Research shows that knowing more than one language increases a person's thinking ability. Bilingual individuals have greater mental flexibility and use those skills to their advantage in understanding math concepts and solving word problems.

EDUCATIONAL: Preliminary research on academic achievement tests reflects that both English Proficient students and English Language Learners in Dual Language programs perform as well as, or better than, their peers who receive all their instruction in English.

PERSONAL: Developing a child's first language helps the child to value his or her culture and heritage, thus contributing to positive self-image.

SOCIAL: Develops an appreciation of cultures and global awareness.

**The students at Morningside are required to wear uniforms.
**The boys uniform consists of the following options; navy blue or khaki, shorts or pants and white or teal polo style shirts.
**The girls uniform consists of the following options; navy blue or khaki, shorts, pants, skirts, or jumpers and white or teal polo style shirts. **These uniforms can be purchased at any store such as Ibiley Uniforms.
**There is also a school t-shirt available which the students may wear on Wednesdays to show their school spirit. These t-shirts are available from the PTA.

Dual Language Program Benefits of the Program

Dual Language is a Bilingual Education model that employs two languages:

A program that develops bilingualism and biliteracy in English and a second language by integrating English Language Learners with English Speakers

Promotes cultural sensitivity

Positive interaction among students is facilitated through the use of strategies such as cooperative learning and differentiated instruction

Enhances a child's understanding of his or her native language

Enhances our economic competitiveness and improves global communication

Enhances academic and linguistic competence in two languages

Enhances appreciation of languages and cultures





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